Will Eating PopRocks While Drinking Soda Kill You?


Emily - room 210

  • Hypothesis

I believe nothing harmful will happen.

  • Testing

To start my testing, I chewed 1 pack of pop rocks divided into 3 handfuls while drinking the can of soda to dissolve each handful and completely wash down the pop rocks. This took approximately 8 minutes.

Initially there was a lot of popping in my mouth and down my throat, very ticklish.

After package and soda were finished, no residual popping in my mouth or throat occurred.

After 30 minutes, no harmful affects were noted.

  • Conclusion

My conclusion is that pop rocks mixed with soda is not harmful to your stomach.

Jay - room 210

  • Hypothesis

The mixture will pop and fizz. The mixture will taste good. I don't think it will hurt you.

  • Testing

The I experiment I chose is soda mixed with pop rocks. I poured soda into a cup and added the pop rocks to see what would happen. Once I added the pop rocks to the soda, it started to fizz. I tasted the mixture. It was fizzy and sweet. It smelled like soda with a hint of strawberry.

  • Conclusion

Drinking soda mixed with pop rock does not hurt you. It makes your mouth fizzy. All the sugar in the mixture will give you a belly ache.

Kim - room 212

  • Hypothesis

Will your stomach explode if you eat poprocks and drink soda?

  • Testing

I will put the poprocks in my mouth and drink soda.

  • Conclusion

I did not die did I?

Madison-room 210

  • Hypothesis

Eating pop-rocks and drinking soda will not kill me.

  • Testing

I am doing the myth of pop-rocks and drinking soda I did the myth and I got a sugar rush.

I tested it 3 times on 2 people and on myself.

  • Conclusion:

I got a sugar rush.

Amber - room 210

  • Hypothesis

I think I will have a mouth full of fizz, but I will live.

  • Testing

I will eat pop rocks and drink soda at the same time. I will record the data. My mom will witness the project.

Pop rocks - strawberry (alone): It stings as it melts.

Soda (alone): It tastes like syrup, fizzy also it is cold.

Pop rocks and soda combined:

It tastes like strawberry coke. The pop rocks made the soda fizz faster.

Second try:

I used more pop rocks. I held soda in my mouth longer.

  • Conclusion

I am still alive!

Emma - room 212

  • Hypothesis

I won't die from eating poprocks and soda at the same time.

  • Testing

I ate a bite of poprocks and a sip of soda 7 times. My stomach felt funny but, I didn't die. I kind of knew I wouldn't die because they wouldn't sell something that if you combined it with something you would die. I made a chart to record my data.

Sip1: lived

Sip 2: lived

Sip 3: lived

Sip 4: lived

Sip 5: lived

Sip 6: lived

Sip 7: lived

  • Conclusion

My stomach felt funny, but, I didn't die!!!