Cassandra: The permanent marker experiment!!
I am doing my project on… if you put permanent
Marker on fabric it can’t be removed. My hypothesis
For this is yes, it can be removed. But that’s just
my hypothesis. Well, first I got a piece of fabric and
cut it into fours. Then I got some permanent marker
and put it on each of the fabric. Last, I put on different
kinds of liquids. My liquids are: ( body spray, toothpaste,
water, and dish soap.)
After I put on all of the liquids, I saw a piece of fabric
that caught my eye right away. It was the body spray
fabric. As soon as I put the body spray on the fabric
it was like water that was died purple all around
the permanent marker spot. But it wasn’t being removed
it was just spreading.
The next one that caught my eye was the water fabric.
It did exactly what it did with the body spray but it went up
And down all the way reaching the top and the bottom
of the fabric. But again, it wasn’t coming off, it was just
The dish soap really caught my eye because the dish soap
didn’t just go up and down, it went all around the fabric.
That was the first thing that I thought would of worked.
But as the dish soap faded away, I could tell that nothing had been removed. Ahhh!!
On the toothpaste fabric nothing really happened at all.
The toothpaste just stayed in it’s old globby self the way I put it there in the first place. As a result of the testing, I belive that
Permanent marker can’t be removed from fabric.
At least with my liquids.

Krissy: The permanent marker experiment!!

Permanent marker doesn’t wash out of fabric. It stinks.

Testing Method: I wrote in permanent marker on 10 pieces of fabric, placed them each in 10 different cups filled with 10 different liquids.

Paragraph: IUsedthe samepermanentmarkerthatthechanceofthemarkerwashing outisuptotheliquidsolution. WiththepermanentmarkerIwrote10piecesoffabric. NextIfilled10redcupswith10differentliquids. ThenIplacedeachofthefabricsinthecupsfor24 hr.toprovethatnoliquidsolutioncanwash

Rebeccais it possible to remove a permanent marker stain?
Hypothesis:I assumed that hairspray would take the stain out, out of all the others.
My myth I was doing was a myth that said the permanent markers cannot be removed from fabric. I thought that was implausible. So I chose four different possibilities. I chose water and soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, and hairspray. I had predicted that hairspray would be more affective on the stain. And I had also predicted that the water and soap would be the least affective on the stain.

Turns out I was right. As for toothpaste and mouthwash my predictions were different from the conclusions. For mouthwash I had predicted that about half of the stain would be removed, but in the result little to no marker came out. And for toothpaste I foretold that most of the marker would be removed. But in my conclusion what happened was only a small spot came out.

Actually the toothpaste was rather difficult to use because it was very messy and gooey.It was hard to spread around with my fingers so I used a cute tip and that worked out for me pretty well. The water and soap was pretty easy. All I had to do was wet it and then scrub it with water. So that was one of the easiest products to use. The mouth wash was also easy because all I had to do was pour a little bit of it and then scrub. But the easiest out of all the products was the hairspray because I just had to point the nozzle towards the fabric and then spray.

And turns out the easiest thing to conduct was the product that got the most amount of the stain removed. Compared to the mouthwash, water and soap, and toothpaste which got some or even none of the stain out.If there were no other better stain removers in the world hairspray would be a big seller. Although it might’ve got the stain out of the fabric that I used it probably won’t get the stain out of cargo pants, or any really rough fabric.

So in my conclusion I’d say that the hairspray worked the best of getting the stain out. And I’d also say that it is possible to get the stain of a permanent marker out, BUT only on certain fabrics. I believe it is removable due to the data that I had collected. I guess the permanent marker isn’t so permanent after all.
Most of the ink will come out.
Only some of the ink came out.
Water and soap
None of the ink will come out
None of the ink did come out.
Only about half will come out
Only some of the ink came out.
Most of the ink will come out. It will work the best.
Most of the ink did come out and it did work the best.

My conclusion: the stain was able to be removed by hairspray and the permanent marker is removable, but only on certain fabrics.